01. The [ransom] paid to obtain freedom for the kidnapped businessman was over $500,000.
02. The kidnappers have said that their hostages will be killed if the [ransom] is not paid.
03. The child's family paid over a million dollars in [ransom] for his release.
04. The terrorists demanded over $5 million in [ransom], in addition to the release of a number of political prisoners, in exchange for the lives of their hostages.
05. The kidnappers said that the [ransom] had to be delivered by midnight.
06. A group of elementary school children held their teacher captive, and demanded a [ransom] of apple pie and chocolate milk.
07. The President has declared publicly that the government will never pay a [ransom] to terrorists for the hostages.
08. Atahuallpa, the last Emperor of the Incan Empire, was captured, held for [ransom], and then murdered by Francisco Pizarro.
09. The young girl was released following payment of a large [ransom] to her kidnappers.
10. A [ransom] note demanding over one million dollars was found in the room where the man was last seen.
11. 26 billion dollars in [ransom] has been paid out in the U.S. in the past 20 years.
12. The first kidnapping for [ransom] in the United States occurred on July 1, 1874, in Germantown, Pennsylvania.
13. The King had to pay a huge [ransom] of his entire family's weight in gold to obtain the release of his son from the pirates.
14. In 1989, kidnappers escaped with $2.5 million in [ransom] after releasing former Belgian Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants from a month of captivity.

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